About Us

Our Mission :
Our mission is focused on developing a third-party carbon registry to enable small bamboo farmers to document their C02 sequestration journey leading to the farming of certified bamboo resources for industries.

Our Focus :
Our focus is on the science of in-situ research of tropical bamboo plantation sivilculture. Since 2007, our researchers were devoted to the development of a third-party carbon registry framework which will provide them an avenue to market their bamboo resources to support a circular economy.

Our Vision :
Our vision is to support small bamboo farmers to access a market driven platform to keep tabs on the new and emerging markets happening in the bamboo processing industry. They will hear from the experts as they share their insights and tips for better productivity, new technologies and profitability in the bamboo industries. Obtain insights from analysts into best practices, market opportunities and establish a stronger business positioning.

Read fresh account and first-hand opinions from the bamboo industry movers and shakers.

The emerging circular economies through bamboo :
Through http://www.cxcarbonregistry.com we provide the channel for bamboo farmers to link into circular enterprises which are now in operation. The key bamboo related industries we have impacted are:
(a) Ecological aquaculture natural farming systems
(b) Bio-dynamic soil production for regenerative agriculture
(c) Bamboo substrate for insect protein production
(d) Bamboo fiber for animal feed production
(e) Human food
(f) Timber related products

Come navigate the bamboo processing industry with http://www.cxcarbonregistry.com as your go-to information partner today!

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