Carbon Xchange bamboo planting program emphasizes on planting bamboo on depleted and marginalized soil to mitigate the challenges of climate change. Over the last two decades, we have seen unique changes to the soil ecosystems where bamboo was planted. It led us to pay closer attention to the living component of soil biodiversity.

Bamboo shed its leaves twice a year in our tropical region, allowing organic matter to accumulate around the rhizome area. As a nitrogen fixer, bamboo can introduce carbon to the soil. This natural cycle is an ideal condition to restore biological diversity within the soil ecosystems.

At Carbon Xchange, we recognized the importance of protecting our soil biodiversity. Soil microorganisms grow our food and fiber, filter our water, balance green houses gases, mitigate climate change, support terrestrial and aquatic life. It is our source for medicine and vaccines. It is a vital foundation for our most important economic activity in agriculture.

We recognized that all these new transformations taking place within our soil ecosystems through bamboo is an opportunity for us to focus our attention to study the invaluable knowledge of how soil, living organism can create the ecological landscapes for us to grow nutrient dense food.

Today, we have become more aware on the many thousands of different taxa found in our soil. Hidden below us are complex interactions which forms a unique complex soil food web system.

It is our social mission to motivate our bamboo community to establish a platform to gather more information about the living organisms found in the soil around our bamboo clumps. This will require a new generation of young researchers and farmers to gather data and document discoveries, to allow us to have a better understanding on ecological management of soil ecosystems for sustainable agriculture.

We believe that these small steps, taken today will reward our future generations with invaluable knowledge to make decisions that will protect our limited global resources.

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