Certified Bamboo Farms

Rural communities in Malaysia are blessed with naturally grown endemic tropical bamboo clumps. However, the origin as to who planted the bamboo are unknown. Carbon Xchange has embarked on a process to register these natural resources into a certified category of bamboo known as “Certified Naturally Grown”

This is part of the first phase registration which will allow landowners with titles or Native Customary Rights (NCR) land ownership to “identify and register” (INR) their bamboo asset into the two known categories:
Certified Naturally Grown (CNG)
Certified Planted Bamboo (CPB)

The second phase registration are for “certified planted bamboo” seedlings which are planted by the land owners personally as a resource for commercial use.

The registration of the different categories of bamboo resources will allow the land owners to differentiate their bamboo assets to provide the supply chain transparency required to develop a certified bio-circular economy for the industry stakeholders.

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